By Alexandru Ciubotaru

Since we began working with Knight Dragon on visualising Greenwich Peninsula, we’ve brought to life buildings and spaces for some of the greatest architectural minds of our generation. Each and every project is a creative exercise, an invigorating challenge, and seeing the collective vision of what this area could mean for the future of London was a real privilege.

In our field, we all too often find ourselves visualising buildings or spaces in far-off places which we might never access – and generally we’re fine with that, because they are incredible structures that we can make look awe-inspiring. But the Design District was different: supported by an ethos of affordability, the buildings have been designed using low cost materials to create surprising solutions, in an area which should serve to inspire its future occupants. This would be a space for people like us to engage with, not just admire from a distance.

Incorporating the vision of eight highly acclaimed architects – David Kohn, 61 Architects, Architecture 00, Assemblage, Adam Khan Architects, Schulze + Grassov, Mole Architects and Selgascano - was no easy feat. We began by examining the area’s purpose; what was the core concept behind the space? Why are there so many different styles? And most importantly, how will it be used – and by whom.

Every step of the process included asking the right questions to portray the buildings as the architects imagined. We needed to consider how many viewpoints we would need, what time of the day the visualisations should be set in, and how we should approach the lighting – but the biggest challenge was in representing all eight voices fairly through our work.

While we’re always proud of our visualisations, this one was special to us because we knew how important the buildings could be for people just like us. Maybe a woodworking company would get its start in these offices, or a fashion designer will find the perfect co-working space to expand their team. As architects and CG artists, it’s an honour to know that these firms have placed faith in our ability to tell their story and to inspire fellow creatives.

The joy of our job is in bringing the work of these incredible architects to light. The buildings they design are striking and beautiful, but without our skills many wouldn’t be able to envision them fully. We get to inspire and impress – and until the buildings are finished, the world will see them through the lens we created.

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