By Mark Lee

A fresh perspective - that’s what we brought back from D2 in Vienna (as well as some rather tasty biscuits for those that couldn’t make it!).

It’s been another incredibly busy year for the Architectural Visualisation team at Uniform, and the chance to rub shoulders with the who’s who of our industry was a welcome date in our calendar last week (as it has been for the last four or five years!). When asked the question “What was the one thing you took from the event?”, interestingly we all picked different talks, speakers and topics - but we all agreed that a fresh perspective, hunger and drive was ignited in each and every one of us.

Fabio, Jason and Christian yet again assembled all the ingredients for an incredible few days in Vienna, and together with over 420 friends and colleagues we listened with open ears to the success stories of emerging studios like Panoptikon, personal passions of artists like Sava Zivkovic and Beauty & The Bit, and some business home truths from Justin Bourn.

We were lucky enough to have our Harrow 3D Map nominated in the CGArchitect Awards, hosted by the legendary Jeff Mottle, and the beauty of D2 is how easy it is to mingle and share a beer with fellow nominees and hundreds of artists and visualisers from around the world.

We caught up with industry rock stars Eric de Broche des Combes of Luxigon and Matthew Bannister of DBOX, our good friend Britta Wikholm announced her new studio Visulent, Iain and the Recent Spaces team flew in to pick up their much-deserved award and The Boundary were ever present rocking this season's branded t-shirt (maybe we’ll be sporting Uniform uniforms next year!).

As well as seeing a huge amount of inspiring work from people like Mike ‘no changes’ Golden, and matte painting specialists Minmud, we were mesmerised by Luxigon’s vision of the future, we fully supported DBOX’s rallying call for more women in arch vis, and we came away from Vienna with a fresh perspective on the industry, our work, and ourselves.

We’re already looking into flights for next year, and if you’ve never been, then get your seat booked now and thank us later, or indeed in Vienna over a cold beer - you won’t regret it!

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