By James Pickford

It’s more than six months since my first personal work for Lake Lugano House.

The project received a good response from  CG Architect. A proud moment indeed! I had recreated in 3D a futuristic residential home in Switzerland. It took dedication and a fair amount of time, but was incredibly satisfying.

I began hunting for new inspiration.

Delta House in Aarhus, Denmark

A work colleague Neil spotted Danish photographer Adam Mork. His photography is awesome. Minimalist, true to the architecture he shoots and he’s brilliant at capturing the mood, with beautiful composition, creating nice, striking angles. In the future all CG images should look like Adam Mork’s photography!… well, perhaps some.

Delta House is in Aarhus, Denmark. I wanted to make it as near to Mork’s amazing photography as possible.

I started off being obsessed with the building and the lines, until at the last minute I thought about the cars. And then I became obsessed with them.

As 3D designers, cars are rarely tackled. Clients can often feel they distract from their designs, and it’s often time consuming to get them to the standard you’re aiming for. I wanted to take the challenge head on. When placing a 3D car so close to the camera it has to look plausible. There’s no middle ground. It makes it feel lived in, real, rather than a Scandinavian holiday home that’s rarely used!

It made sense to use Peter Guthrie’s HDRI skies. He has a great range of lighting moods on offer. Overall, I was pretty pleased with the end results.

See some of my other work for Mayfair Chambers below, which I did with the Uniform team. We reckon they’re some of our finest interiors!

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