By Harry Cook

As advances in AR and VR are increasingly making headlines, there’s no doubt these technologies are already transforming the day to day in our industry. But moving beyond these one off “experiences,” the rapid advancements will most certainly soon transform not just the tools we are working with but HOW we work.

And this won’t just be an evolution for tech heavy industries - the average desk worker will soon see their life changed.


They’re what we use today and what we’ve simply accepted as the norm. But the limited screen space (and nosy neighbours) will soon be a thing of the past. They’re just not fit for new medias - immersive films for example!

VR Monitor Hybrid

This hybrid tip-toes the line into this new world, exploring the creations that can happen outside the limitations of a monitor. This is what you have to do today to create VR experiences. But the endless switching between the two will cause either total abandonment of this method - or much more likely, more (and better) evolution.


So you’re tired of switching back and forth - why not put your monitors within the virtual world? Then you’ve got your own personalised work environment with more space for monitors than you could even imagine - and definitely no nosy neighbours. But what about the real world?  It’s a pretty lonely future when you don’t have the experiences and interactions of the physical world surrounding you.

VR/AR Hybrid

Now your endless space can overflow into reality. This option has all the benefits of the virtual environment - but with the added perk of being grounded. You’re no longer isolated and you can see the physical world. But if we’re using these two technologies concurrently, isn’t it just a matter of time before they become integrated into one?


The glasses become one as the tech starts shrinking. You place this future object (is it even glasses?) on your head and suddenly your world becomes ARVR. A flick of your eye, a thought in your brain - that’s all you need to “control” this seamless hybrid of a world.

But you can keep your pen. 

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