By Mark Lee

Entering your work into awards is always a funny one. You never know what you're up against, so when I found out my animation for the E4 E Stings Competition was a finalist, I was as they say in Liverpool, made up.

I was told there were over 1,000 entries, and mine had made the final 24, not bad going for something I'd crafted over many a lunchtime in the Uniform studio.

My E Sting started life as a desire to take a quick breather and have a bit of fun with architecture after years of creating photorealistic architectural images. No design drawings, no CAD, no sketches or markups, and no boundaries, just pure imagination and creative freedom. I revisited my childhood and arrived at the ultimate modeling tool... Play-Doh! The result was a series of images celebrating a selection of iconic buildings I've had the privilege of working on over the past few years, such as The Shard and Manhattan Loft Gardens.


Once I started to bring them to life with animation, the individual ‘mini worlds’ started to take on an E4-esque feel, and so the plan was hatched to enter this year’s awards. The little purple world evolved over time with lots of randomness and quirky objects to keep on brand for E4, and the world literally grew itself from the ground up.

After the nominees were announced, off I went to the fancy awards soiree held in Channel 4’s London HQ, and met a lot of talented animators and filmmakers. The competition was stiff, and unfortunately, I didn’t bring back a gong, but I reckon we’re all winners as all the finalists will have their stings shown on E4 in full HD glory over the coming months! If that’s not going to make Mum proud, then I don’t know what will!

If you haven’t seen it already, here it is, and keep your eyes peeled to see it in shining lights on a telly box near you…

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